With needs constantly changing and a market in constant evolution, industrialization and automation are now major challenges.
The development of innovative application solutions enables companies to gain in resiliency, adaptability and operational efficiency.

Development professions

Java Developeur

C# Developer
Full stack developer

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Our approach

In a context marked by changing needs and a constantly evolving market, industrialization and automation are now major challenges for all companies, whatever their size or sector of activity.
The development of innovative application solutions enables businesses to become more resilient, adaptable and operationally efficient – all critical elements at the heart of their corporate strategy.
We support you in the execution of your technological and functional projects through our multidisciplinary expertise in IT project management and the development of back-end and front-end applications in line with best development and architecture practices.

Our missions

Project Management

Oversee the implementation and management of hardware and software, considering the impact of IT on other departments.


Designing and maintaining computer software, from creation to maintenance, including transformation and fine-tuning.

About ITEC

Alexis / Unified Communications Consultant

The company brings together a large number of different professions and profiles, and discussions with them have given me a better understanding of some aspects and customer needs. The technical expertise of the managers and their knowledge of the business means that you can build a real career plan. We feel that our technical issues are understood. There’s a real opportunity to take on responsibilities that are valued.

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