Our performance and availability are the levers of our approach, which treats IT infrastructure as a service, not just a product.
We guide our customers step by step through the implementation of their upgrade projects and offer to keep a hand in the day-to-day monitoring afterwards.

Infrastructure professions

DevOps Engineer
Production Engineer
IT Project Manager
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Our approach

Availability and provisioning are the main challenges facing IT infrastructure today, whether in the cloud or physically.
The infrastructure must adapt to these new usages and be able to respond to new business issues such as the increase in teleworking, online sales or secure data storage. It must be adaptable and secure.
While respecting these operational, functional and financial constraints, we can help you define and structure your requirements, choose the right infrastructure solutions and get them up and running quickly.
We can also help you maintain these infrastructures in operational condition, monitor available upgrades and provide technical support.

Our missions


Reinventing ourselves through tools based on new, robust and recognised Microsoft technologies.


Auditing, supporting and outsourcing, thanks to our innovative technical and functional expertise and proven work methodology.


Designing and optimising IT systems with personalised support to guarantee the best performance from your infrastructures.

About ITEC​

Milène /  DevOps Engineer

I joined ITEC because of the commitment of the management team. It was their willingness to share ideas and their ability to listen that won me over. The atmosphere is relaxed and interactions are fluid. I also discovered a great team of experts in various fields with whom I can interact. Certifications are not up for negotiation, but rather when I’m ready to achieve them. It’s nice to be considered whatever the subject. To date, I’ve seen nothing but benefits.

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