Our company

Founded in 2015, we operate in five main areas: consulting, development, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and user experience. This diverse range of expertise enables us to effectively address the concrete and strategic challenges of the IT world.
Based in France and with an international presence, we pride ourselves in our authentic team spirit and our sense of initiative. We believe in the strength of our team that shares common values and what we can accomplish as a group.
Together, we go further.
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A startup yesterday, a giant tomorrow!

Since our creation in 2015, we have continuously been growing. Our project, to create a company that reflects its employees, is evidence that it is possible to transform the consulting profession at our level. Proud of our financial independence and the values that drive us, it is thanks to our employees and their ideas that ITEC has become a unique company today.

Our values

Human first

We believe in the common goal that ITEC represents, and the foundation of this project is carried by those who believe in it with us. Human first because we believe in the power of collective strength and that together we can achieve many great things.

Curiosity and kindness

It is the uniqueness of our personalities, our backgrounds, our authenticity, combined with the desire to discover others, that creates an ever-overflowing enthusiasm in our daily lives. Our energy and culture stem from our differences.

Bold commitment

Taking initiative, fostering innovation, and embracing ambition are also at the core of our mindset. Trust and listening encourage those who wish to develop their ideas or projects. The only limits are the ones we set for ourselves.

92 / 100
Note ITEC 2022
35 / 40
Difference in individual increase rates
38 / 40
Pay gap
5 / 10
Number of employees of under-represented gender (out of 10 highest earners)
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ITEC Group is committed

Aware and concerned about the environmental and social challenges of our time, we also advocate for the ideas we believe in through a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach and responsible actions.
We are committed to three main themes.
The first one is environmental protection, where we strive to minimize our waste and carbon footprint.
The second one is implementing actions to improve working conditions, well-being, and motivation of our employees. We fully embrace values of equality, gender parity, and non-discrimination.
Lastly, our third theme focuses on ethical work practices by building relationships with companies that adhere to our responsible procurement and anti-corruption policies.

Our team

A dynamic and customer-oriented team, listening to your projects
to best support the evolution of your IT.

Jerome AURY

US, Managing Partner

Ivan LAM

US, Associate Director

Rami Rashed

US, Director
Cybersecurity & Network Solutions


Global CEO

ITEC Founder


France, Managing Director


France, Managing Director

Join the team?

If you want to join the Tokkats adventure, apply on Welcome to the Jungle.

Our partners

ITEC collaborates with around thirty partners operating in sectors such as banking, insurance, luxury, consulting, and the public sector.
Our approach, proven and effective, remains pragmatic: we listen to our clients’ challenges and needs, and then we work together to build the most suitable IT solution based on associated best practices and the desired value. We deliver tailored IT solutions to meet your needs.