In an economy marked by constant technological change and ever-increasing cyberthreats, IS security is more than ever a strategic issue for organizations.
It is essential to know how to identify the threat, to have the keys to protect against it, to mitigate its potential impact (through technical and organizational measures), to preserve essential activities and to resume operations as quickly as possible to minimize the impact.

Cybersecurity positions

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Consultant
Cloud Security Architect
Cybersecurity Architect
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Our approach

The intensification of cyber threats is forcing public and private sector players to implement a security strategy that combines anticipation, reaction and continuous improvement.
To meet these challenges, our work focuses on 3 key areas: diagnosis, strategic planning and deployment.
The diagnosis, carried out with the help of our experts, combines risk analysis with an analysis of deviations from current regulations. The strategic plan, drawn up in collaboration with the customer, considers the context, the business sector, the regulations in force and the capacity to implement. Finally, once the diagnosis has been made and the roadmap established, our experts work with you to implement the projects identified according to the priorities defined.
Whether it’s day-to-day support or targeted action to address a specific challenge, the aim of our work is to develop the tools, processes and methodologies that will enable you to meet the challenges of digital transformation while preserving your core business activities.

Our missions


Security strategy: establish a Cyber diagnosis by analysing the current level of security and defining remediation projects.
CISO assistance: providing operational support to security teams in defining and implementing IS processes.
Compliance: analysing deviations from current regulations, defining and managing compliance projects.
Cyber-resilience: identifying essential activities to define and implement a crisis organisation.


Carrying out a technical analysis of existing architectures and their design (on-premise, hybrid or Cloud) and assisting with technological choices prior to implementation.

About ITEC

Romain / Data Analyst

After three years’ experience in a consultancy, I now have the distance I need to better understand the crucial points that will enable me to join an organisation like this with peace of mind. When I joined ITEC, I was given a warm welcome and very quickly came to appreciate the trust, dialogue, proximity and frank and sincere human relations that put employees in the best possible position to develop. The range of specialisms and expertise available makes the experience very rewarding and the projects more interesting.

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